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Catch Up Strategies

In September 2021 the government released funding for schools to support further catch-up programmes for children due to continued period of lockdown and isolation.

There are two ‘pots’ of funding – SCHOOL LED TUTORING and RECOVERY PREMIUM 

The School Led Tutoring grant allows schools to run additional sessions for pupils using their own (rather than external) staff.

The Recovery Premium can be used for a variety of strategies in order to support children with their return to school and provide the most appropriate support for children who may be below age-related expectations or who are making below expected progress.


The government has recognised that many children lost up to 6 months of learning due to the lockdown and partial school closure from 20th March 2020 through to the full opening of schools in September 2020.

In order to support schools in closing the gaps, the government is providing funding to cover catch-up programmes for the 2020 to 2021 academic year. 

Schools are able to spend the funding in the most effective way for their children. The funding block is based on £80 per pupil from reception up to year 6.

Schools must identify children that will benefit most from the funding, there are no specific requirements for who to spend it on.

Examples of recommendations from the DfE include:

  • Small group or 1-to-1 tuition
  • Targeted intervention programmes
  • Support for emotional wellbeing

All schools have to plan how they will spend their catch up funding and, as with all spending in schools, it is vital to review this to ensure this is highly effective.