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Free School Meals

We have many children who are entitled to a FREE SCHOOL MEAL.

All children in Reception, years 1 and 2 are entitled to a free meal (this is known as Universal Free School Meals) although parents may choose to send their children with a packed lunch. As long as the office know this in advance then this is OK.

If your child is in years 3 to 6 then you must apply for free school meals.

All children, regardless of free or paying, receive the same meal options and all children are treated equally.  If you think you are eligible to claim for Free School Meals then it is your responsibility to complete the relevant forms, but importantly you need to let DCC know if you are no longer eligible. If you don’t do this and you continue to claim a free meal for your child then you may be required to pay back the costs.

Relevant forms and links are below:

Derbyshire Information

Apply for free school meals online.