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Since September 2019 we have been using an approach to the teaching of spelling called SOUNDS AND SYLLABLES. This follows on from the phonics that is taught throughout the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 and the teachers in Year 2 start to use Sounds and Syllables when in the summer term so that children are familiar with this approach.

There are three explicit teaching sessions throughout the week and spellings are sent home so children can practise these.

Each spelling lesson has a clear focus on modelling the process of spelling a word:

- We say the word in our spelling voice 

- We snip the word into its syllables

- We draw one less syllable line that the number of syllables 

- We 'sound out' each syllable and draw the correct number of sound buttons 

- We choose the correct spelling to represent each sound 

Children are encouraged to use this approach to spell words in all of their lessons with regular references to this process where needed.