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Year 3/4

As with other phases of school, the staff in Lower key Stage 2 plan together to ensure there are activities that build on the knowledge and skills learnt throughout their time in Key Stage 1. Staff plan carefully in order to provide a balance of creative activities whilst introducing more formal learning opportunities.

Click on the image below to view the 2 year overview for Year 3/4

Knowledge Organisers and example plans for each Year 3/4 topics are detailed within each menu below - Click on the images to view each document as a PDF.

Cycle 1 - 2022 - 2023

Stone Age to Iron Age

By exploring this unit children will develop an understanding of some of the key changes in settlement and food and farming.


The topic of LANDSCAPES provides children with the opportunity to explore the human and physical features and how human and physical processes change the landscape.


Local History- Bennerley Viaduct

Bennerley Viaduct is an important landmark in the local area and provides a wealth of opportunities for children to explore a range of Historical knowledge categories within a local context.


The topic of MAPS provides children with and understanding of the world and how this is divided and shown graphically.

Cycle 2 - 2023 - 2024

Earthquakes, Volcanoes and the Water Cycle

This unit focusses on the location of earthquakes and volcanoes and the physical processes associated with these. During lessons on the water cycle, children will explore the 5 main steps, identify the different types of clouds and how they are formed.





Ancient Egypt to The Romans

This unit provides the children with thorough understanding of an ancient civilisation and explores the Romans and their impact on Britain.


Children will explore the advantages and disadvantages of different types of transport both nationally and internationally. They will explore the terms congestion and pollution and measures taken to reduce these. Children will learn about international trade of natural resources.