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Year 5/6

As with other phases of school, the staff in upper key Stage 2 plan together to ensure there are learning tasks and activities that build on the knowledge and skills learnt throughout their time throughout the rest of school. Staff plan carefully in order to provide a knowledge-rich curriculum with challenging yet accessible tasks. 

Click on the image below to view the 2-year overview for Year 5/6

Knowledge Organisers and example plans for each Year 5/6 topics are detailed within each menu below - Click on the images to view each document as a PDF.

Cycle 1 - 2022 - 2023

The Americas

The children will engage in an in depth study of both North and South America. They will learn about diversity in both continents, explore the physical features and use a range of locational language. 

The Vikings

Children will learn about some of the key changes from Saxons to Vikings. They will also develop their understanding around the knowledge category of conflict for example, they will explain how the Viking longboat was an important feature in battle. 


Ancient Greece

Children will learn about the Ancient Greeks and describe the impact they have had on modern society. They will also explore Greek architecture, culture and pastimes.

Climate Change

Children will explore the concept of climate change, its causes and the impact. They will also learn about erosion and deposition and consider advantages and disadvantages of sea defences designed to limit the impact of both of these processes.

Cycle 2 - 2023 - 2024

World War II

When learning about WW2, we will build on the children’s knowledge category of conflict. We will explain why the war began and explore some of the significant moments and impacts of the war. We will also learn about evacuation, rationing and propaganda.  

Ocean Currents/ Biomes and Climate Zones

In this unit, children will learn to explain what ocean currents are and how they are created. They will also discover information about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and its impact on the ocean. Children will to identify and describe the main climate zones and biomes and explain the differences between them.


The Mayans

In this unit, children will gain knowledge about what makes the Maya a  significant civilisation. They will also describe the farming methods used by the Maya and explain why they ultimately abandoned their cities.


Children will have the opportunity to use maps and atlases to locate places. They will identify ordnance survey symbols, explore the compass points, and learn to use grid references. They will have the opportunity to apply this knowledge in planning a route on a map.